Planning a destination wedding might be overwhelming at times. If you start planning your wedding miles away from home, today we are sharing 7 top tips with you!

1. Where & When?

The location and the date are factors to consider when choosing your wedding date. Sometimes, you choose your favorite date because it means something to you. Still, it is essential to consider whether any national or local holidays affect your schedule or your vendors’ schedule. Additionally, you have to keep in mind if there is increased traffic or any effect on the costs due to a festival or a celebration.

How is usually the weather during the season of the wedding? Yes, the weather is unpredictable, but some insight into what usually happens can prove to be helpful.

2. What about accommodation?

Your guests will need to travel to attend your wedding. It is good to inform them whether you will cover part of the cost of accommodation or not and the amount you are willing to cover. Even if the charge falls to them, you could offer them alternatives for the closest lodging to the ceremony and reception area, how they can move around, and the best way to reach their destination.

Extra Tip; Since most people will probably combine your wedding with their vacation, make sure they enjoy it to the fullest and show that you appreciate the trip they made! You can create a tourist guide, on your wedding website, with places to visit, restaurants to choose from, and whatever else you think is worth seeing or doing in the magical destination you have chosen to marry.

3. How long before?

As RSVP is one of the most “difficult” tasks anyway, the requirements are even higher for a destination wedding. You should be informed about the exact number of guests much earlier to place your drinks, menu, and cake order. If you are responsible for their accommodation, you should also arrange it in time. 

Make sure you send the Save the Dates early and ask them to get back to you as soon as possible, with a final date much sooner than if you were getting married in your hometown!

 4. Inform about the necessary legal documents and procedures.

Be informed about the necessary legal documents and procedures. Those apply when it is a legal and not a symbolic marriage you want. Make sure to gather your information from reputable sources and collect all the necessary documents. 

At this point, most couples agree that the help of a wedding planner is more than necessary. 

After all, you do not want to fight with the bureaucracy instead of enjoying a cocktail with your friends!

5. Prefer locally

If you want to reduce your wedding costs, check what options the location you are getting married to gives you! Choosing local products for wedding favors and treats and local flowers. Furniture, and other dinnerware that you can rent from local suppliers will help you avoid the cost of transportation. At the same time, it will give the day a special note highlighting the magical nature of the scene you chose for your wedding!

6. Meet the vendors

You may be far away, but technology is evolving – take advantage of it! Be sure to meet all the professionals involved in organizing your wedding, even if it is not much earlier. Organize zoom calls to talk to them, get to know each other better, and become a team – but keep in touch through emails for anything you wish to save there, so you don’t miss a thing!

7. Hire a wedding planner

If having a wedding planner has many advantages when you organize a wedding in your city, imagine what happens when it takes place abroad! Working with a wedding planner will be like being there – they will be your eyes and ears on all those appointments you can not attend!

At the same time, you will work with a specialist who knows much better about the best vendors, the current legislation, the way things work, the deadlines, and the pending issues!

This way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy, without stress, all the creative parts of your wedding preparation and truly make that day or week a dream trip you will enjoy to the fullest!

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Photography by Yiannis Alefantou