Top wedding venues in Greece

Top wedding venues in Greece

Welcome to Broderie Anglaise!

I am Athena and I will try to speak about me. I’m not used to it. I prefer to express myself through my creations, besides I have always been self-introduced in that way!

As a child, I kept stealing my mom’s sewing materials and dad’s tools and I stayed locked up in my “workshop” for hours, while the school books were open and ready to save my student esteem from sudden invasions! Doll clothes, birthday cards, friends’ gifts, they started their journey from my crazy fantasy and my never ending curiosity, they were handed over as a raw material to me, and they ended up fully featured, useful, or not, objects to my beloved ones!

Children’s toys grew up with me, but my life philosophy remained faithful to the belief that dreams need real work to become true. I studied wood design and technology and continued with interior design in Italy. My greatest acquisition of these years, however, is not my degrees, but the organization and management of my hyperactive mind.

I learned that, thinking of “out of the box” is the first step in the journey! In each project, I undertake the bet to see around my boxes, turn them backwards, connect them in new ways, and, if the result makes me smile, then the idea becomes export and share!

I am a perfectionist, self-demanding, passionate about my job, but, being an anxious spirit, I am already taking my next step in planning and decorating events, finding the top wedding venues in Greece with particular love and respect for the needs of the client and the difficulties of the times.

I love traveling that extends my border lines, perfumes and colors that reach my heart, people who give space to my free expression, the plain, natural beauty that will always be the starting point of my inspiration!

Athena is an excellent partner with resourcefulness, responsibility, and a true understanding of each project and the needs of the customer.
She is perfectionist, hardworking and optimistic and this is reflected in the quality of her work, but also in the long-term relationships that
she builds with her customers.

Leonie, manager, The Blender Gallery

In my first collaboration with Athena, at my son’s baptism, I wondered how she will meet with my requirements.
The result not only surprised me pleasantly, but it became the reason to trust her with my next events. With her magic wand she creates masterpieces
unique and original. However, the thing that suprised me the most is the ability to put her personal stamp at each project. Give her an idea, a color, a material and
let her travel you to her own magic world!!!

Foteini, Paros island

We were so lucky to have been introduced to Broderie Anglaise! Athina listened carefully when we spoke about what we
wanted and tirelessly went over refinements and improvements! We didn’t have to worry about logistics and execution on
the day, the flowers and decorations where magically appearing out of nowhere! The effect we have achieved was
actually better than what we envisaged and even organizing it all the way from London was possible.

Haris - Agata, London

Athina is a person with a lot of imagination, creativity, love for her work and respect for the client and which she offers it with her sweet smile.
I thank her for making the baptism of our little one unforgettable!

Anna, Athens