In Broderie Anglaise Wedding Styling is our reason for waking up in the morning, the reason we keep going, and what we love the most about weddings. Our philosophy is built around beauty and love stories because for us weddings are all about love and staying always faithful to the belief that dreams need real work to come true. Our mission is to make soon-to-be-married couples live the best wedding experience in Greece through an impeccable wedding styling and planning process! Today, we’re sharing the differences between a wedding stylist and a wedding planner in Greece to help you decide on whom should you hire for your wedding day and what services each one offers!

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Wedding Stylist in Greece – But What Do They Do?

Whether you are planning an extravagant wedding for hundreds of guests in a luxurious venue, or an intimate celebration in your favorite restaurant, a stylist will help you visualize the details that tell your story and work with the venue.

If the thought of picking colors, flowers, and decor fills you with dread, your wedding stylist is all you need. She or he will help make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.  With a creative eye and understanding of people, a good stylist will be able to work out what makes you tick. Then, she will bring this together to design a celebration that reflects you and your fiancé.

Wedding planners the ones who are on hand to organize and schedule every second of your wedding day. Also, they help design and source your wedding details, but a stylist is a little different.  A wedding stylist is a fairly new role in the wedding industry compared to, say, a wedding planner, and one that is still a little unknown. Whilst all wedding stylists’ services will be slightly different, most are ultimately there to play a very important part in your wedding, by giving you a day that you could only have dreamt of, by dressing your wedding venue and bringing all those important décor and design details together.

A wedding stylist in Greece is key to couples who feel style is important to them, they care about how their day will look and feel and want to impress their guests. It is also ideal for couples who may not have the time to style their wedding or want to concentrate on the fun pre-wedding celebrations while a specialist creates the wedding of their dreams. In Broderie Anglaise we describe styling as ‘less of the planning, more of the pretty ‘, the perfect solution for the bride who is happy to deal with all their wedding suppliers and overall budgets but just needs a little creative advice in bringing everything together. We will help you find your style and design your day, sourced all the pretty bits and pieces and suppliers to fit your budget, and then make sure everything is set up just perfectly ensuring you get to relax with a glass of champagne. More importantly, wedding stylists help you actually be the bride on your wedding day.

Sounds interesting?  Let’s talk about some of the things that a wedding stylist in Greece can provide!

Wedding Design

We all have a valid opinion on what we like and dislike.  But you may need someone with a trained and experienced eye to help you pull everything together.  Love modern monochromatic floral arrangements, but getting married in an old wood-paneled venue?  A stylist will advise you what will and won’t work within your venue (and budget!) and the overall style of your wedding, whilst always coming back to what represents you.

How we make sure the couple is perfectly represented on their wedding day? We will combine their personalities and any desires they initially have, together with expertise and creativity, to design their unique celebration. We offer advice on key suppliers that will all be involved with the styling – i.e. floristry, stationery, furniture, tableware, etc.. We will continue to work with these suppliers throughout the whole planning stage to build a beautifully cohesive and carefully selected wedding design, that we will bring to life on the day of the wedding.

Creating a Moodboard

Having a cohesive mood board means that you know how you want your wedding day to look and feel like. We will create it for you, giving you a sense of what you can have on your wedding day and how it will look perfect, according to your style and preferences. Why having a mood board is so important? It helps to keep your headspace in place, and helps you know what to expect, while giving you a strong sense of the aesthetics!

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Focusing On The Details

We are very detail-oriented when it comes to wedding styling. We care about all of the individual elements of a wedding day and how I can bring them all together to create a romantic and beautifully styled venue. Each stylist will have a unique service and style. We love unique wedding days for modern and contemporary couples than want something different on their wedding day. A cohesive design and romantic elements throughout are everything.

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How do you envisage you and your guest spending the morning of your wedding? Is it spa days, pampering, and sipping champagne, relaxing with your bridesmaids?  While you’re busy being the bride, a wedding stylist will set up your venue without distracting you!  This is especially important if your ceremony is early in the day. Broderie Anglaise as a wedding stylist in Greece understands your whole creative vision and executes it so everything is exactly as you imagined on the wedding day.  A professional stylist will know all the tricks and tips to make the wedding set up happen as quickly and smoothly as possible, and resolve any last-minute panics without anyone suspecting a thing.

Wedding Planner in Greece – But What Do They Do?

Research shows it takes approximately 250 hours to plan a wedding, which equates to about 5 full working weeks.  Add to this any additional wedding projects you choose to take on and the reality can be far more than this.  If you work full-time, enjoy your social life and hobbies, the fact is planning a wedding will eat into what precious time you do have. This is where a planner comes handy!

So, what do planners do?

A wedding planner’s skills are focused around project managing your wedding. Solving problems on the spot and having to think outside the box while managing multiple suppliers at once is a skill in itself. Add that to working at the speed of light to ensure a smooth running of the day.

Also, setting a budget is one of, if not the most important part of your planning process.  The most common mistake couples make is assuming a wedding stylist (or planner) is too expensive.  While a professional will charge a fee (usually fixed so you know exactly where you stand from the start) they will be able to make the most of the budget you have by finding creative solutions and using their knowledge and network to find the best suppliers in your price range, while helping you stick to your budget.

Planners don’t simply fluff dresses but are there to help each bride and groom and make their day go on without a hitch. A wedding planner will help with ideas but bringing those ideas to life is a stylist’s domain. The planner will ensure that all your elements are being done, as well as working with all the suppliers to ensure everything is as it should be. Also, they will be the person to solve any problems if they come up. This ‘management’ that a planner brings ensures that every little wedding thing is being thought of and produced the way you as a couple expect/want it to be.

At Broderie Anglaise we love styling each event to be unforgettable to both the couples and their guests. A wedding day should look and feel like you want it to. Schedule your call and let’s make your wedding dreams come true!


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