wedding in Athens

..since she said yes, the first and biggest step was done! Now, what comes next? Selecting your Greek wedding planner!

At “Broderie Anglaise,” we are dedicated to guiding you through the decision-making process and helping you envision the colors, scents, and music that will bring your dream destination wedding in the Greek islands to life.

At “Broderie Anglaise” we will ask you to share your thoughts with us. We will pick up the palette and brushes and draw together the painting that expresses your personal aesthetics!

We encourage you to share your thoughts with us, and together, we will use our palette and brushes to paint a picture that reflects your unique aesthetics. Your individuality serves as our compass as we embark on the journey of organizing your destination wedding in Greece, starting from our first meeting to the warm embrace of your “happily ever after.”

Your initial idea, whether it’s a color, an image, a verse, or even just a single word, becomes the seed from which we cultivate your personalized wedding experience. We combine our knowledge, experience, professionalism, and imagination to craft an offer tailored to the wedding of your dreams, always mindful of your budget constraints.

wedding in Athens
wedding in Athens
wedding in Athens
  • From A to Z

From A to Z, entrust us with the procedural, bureaucratic, and seemingly mundane yet crucial steps of your wedding in Greece. We’ll handle everything from the essential documents, coordinating dates, communication, and negotiations for the venue, to managing accommodations and arranging the necessary transportation. Allow us to alleviate the stress associated with these details and ensure a smooth and enjoyable wedding planning experience.

  • Wherever and however you’ve envisioned it.

A picturesque chapel on your favorite Greek island, a wonderful beach at sunset, a boat that travels you and your loved ones to the blue waters of the Aegean sea, an old winery in Santorini, and a yard under the stars in Sifnos. Whether orthodox, Catholic, or of any religion, or even a civil one, this is your wedding! Simply share your thoughts with us, and we’ll handle every aspect of the wedding planning process.

  • Of colors and aromas…

Even the simplest, seemingly, venue is for us the canvas to reify our inspiration! Creating unique, custom-made objects is our great pleasure! From the invitation and the wedding favors to the final touch of styling decoration, we start from scratch, explore new materials, redefine the old, test, dare, create, and present our suggestions for your own decisive “I do!”

  • ..of flavor and music

We have chosen to work with, those professionals with whom we share the same aesthetics, consistency, seriousness and the right spark to bring together each of your different, special, imaginative ideas! Florist designers, photographers and cinematographers, DJs and musicians, makeup artists, catering companies, wedding dress designers, animators, are just some of the experts who will help us set up the preparations, the ceremony, the party and make you smile with the final result and enjoy your wedding in Greece!

  • Schedule

A word of magic, an essential supply! Having designed your wedding concept together and ended up with your choices, we prepare the wedding day schedule and the effective connection of the vendors dream team.

As your wedding planners, we are next to you from the first moment to the end of that day to give solutions to whatever comes up!

  • Not just the wedding ceremony…

We undertake the organization of wedding proposals, bachelor, hen do’s, weddings, anniversaries, etc. What you may have in mind, just share with us!

  • Budget management

We are here to create your wedding together within your own budget. This, in fact, is our great challenge. We do a detailed cost analysis and we present you the corresponding samples, always having several options for you!

We would love to hear from you, book your first consultation with your wedding planner: [email protected]