Mary and Michalis

” Poros has something from Venice: canal, communication among the houses with the little boats, luxury, nonchalance, sensual temptation, a destination for an international eminent mistress… ” were the poetic words of George Seferis, describing the beauty of Poros Island.

Michalis and Mary chose this charming Saronic Gulf island as the venue for their wedding, captivated by its unique charm.

The celebration spanned two days, commencing with an intimate beach party at the Sirene Blue Resort, surrounded by the couple’s family and friends. The romantic ceremony unfolded on the heart-shaped Daskalio island, reached by boats carrying the bride, groom, and their guests. Bathed in soft light, surrounded by blue hues and a landscape dotted with pine trees, the setting created a picturesque backdrop for the beginning of their shared life.

The event’s concept embraced the island’s relaxed atmosphere, with beautiful glass jars filled with lavender and chamomile flowers adorning tables at the venue. Natural materials such as burlap and rope were incorporated into the wedding favors. Special thanks to Arte Cinematica for capturing the love and joy of this beautiful couple