If you are looking for a wedding venue that combines picturesque quarters with splendid hotels and resorts, culture and art with luxurious amenities, the sun and the sea with the nightlife; Welcome to Athens!

The Greek capital is one of the hottest choices for your amazing destination wedding!

Athens wedding

For the religious wedding ceremony, you will find imposing churches throughout the city, but also innumerable chapels, well hidden in its corners or in amazing mansions at the suburbs, specially designed for such occasions, that will also host your wedding party, providing all the comforts you seek.

For those of you that are alternative to their preferences, we recommend old wineries, private yachts, special open spaces, which, Broderie Anglaise can book for you, while we are ready to listen to your ideas, that will help us in planning your own, unique wedding concept!

Athens wedding

A romantic wedding in the beautiful neighborhood of Plaka, just below the historic Parthenon monument, a special wedding photography in the enchanting Ancient Agora, which was the educational and artistic center of the city, can only travel you to old times! Street musicians and vendors with their small vintage treasures will seal your ticket for a wedding concept at the old, classical Athens!

Planning a wonderful Athens wedding can even lead you to the sea! Vouliagmeni offers its curative springs in the lake, while in Lagonissi, Sounio and Anavyssos, you will get a taste of an island as you will indulge in the Greek sun that warms the waters of the Mediterranean! The amazing resorts of the Athenian Riviera are transformed into ideal wedding venues, where you can enjoy a chic ceremony and a luxurious party, as well as your after-wedding day relaxation!

Athens wedding

The city is marvelous, mysterious, classy, glamorous and full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and it invites you to live in its embrace, the beginning of your new, wonderful, common life!

Trust in Broderie Anglaise for the Athens wedding of your dreams, and enjoy every moment as you deserve it!