If you’re planning your big day and you are looking for an inspiration, Broderie Anglaise has spotted the hottest trends for 2017. Feel free to steal them and add a personal touch to your celebration.

1. Colour of the year

wedding trends 2017

Vibrant, earthy and fresh, Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, is a perfect choice for all seasons weddings. Incorporate it in your décor, stationary and floral arrangements. For a budget friendly version couples, instead of using flowers, can go all green using succulents, eucalyptus, monstera and palm leafs.

2. Drip cakes

wedding trends 2017

Drip cakes are in! Whether the cakes have been lightly iced in buttercream, left almost-naked, or are covered in fruits or flowers, these sweet delights are definitely fun and funky. Not to mention that they make the ideal choice for a less formal celebration.

3. Donut wall

wedding trends 2017

photo by Dimitris Stenidis, https://www.weddinglab.gr/

The Donut Bar is a stunning idea, a really great treat for the eyes.

4. Fall weddings

wedding trends 2017

Couples intend to choose cooler weather for their special days; and why not, since during fall you can find beautiful flowers with red, orange, and golden yellow colours that you can combine and have a beautiful effect.

5. Marble

wedding trends 2017

www.frankandbunnylove.com and https://www.graceniu.net/

This chic trend has started with the marble wedding cakes but has been quietly taking over, from the stationery and the favors, to the centerpieces and décor.


wedding trends 2017

Harwell photography http://landonjacob.com/

This trend will rock your wedding day. We love the idea incorporating agates and geodes for a really glamorous touch to your wedding decor. They can be easily applied to any type of event from high-end luxury weddings to romantic bohemian ones.

7. Back to nature

wedding trends 2017

Get your flawless look for your wedding day. Choose a simple dress with delicate fabrics and laces, a natural make-up, wear your hair down and feel your best.

Celebrate the natural theme with earthy materials in all aspects of design from the stationary to the centerpieces; even to your wedding photography. Create a simple and unpretentious atmosphere and enjoy your big day.

8. Dusty Pink

wedding trends 2017

Dusty pink is making a comeback and we love it! Apply it everywhere, from your wedding dress to your bridesmaid dresses event to wedding decor and create an elegant and modern atmosphere.