Destination wedding - Elopement

Alina & James

Alina and James embarked on a modern elopement in the picturesque landscapes of Santorini, Greece, crafting an intimate celebration that mirrored their unique bond. Against the backdrop of Santorini’s iconic whitewashed buildings and azure skies, the couple exchanged vows amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Aegean Sea. With a minimalist yet chic approach, their elopement captured the essence of romance and adventure. Each element, carefully curated, reflected the essence of their love story.
Against the stunning Santorini landscape, a beautiful arch adorned with intricate details became the backdrop for the most intimate moments of their union. We specially designed for them with the Illuminography team, the beautiful arch backdrop, featuring written parts of their vows. Against the backdrop of Santorini’s stunning vistas, they exchanged vows amidst a setting adorned with touches of pink roses, sleek black accents, and minimalist decor.
In this idyllic setting, amidst the azure sea and the whitewashed buildings, Alina and James sealed their bond in a celebration that was as modern as it was timeless.
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Event design & Planning: Broderie Anglaise
Photography: Panos Demiropoulos
Cinematography: P.J. Gutteridge
Venue: El Viento
Flowers: Flowery
Installations & Stationary: Illuminography-Adored
Rentals: Weddings whimsy
Lights: Elias Plm
Cakes: Petranart
Bridal dress: Anna Anemomilou
Bridal shoes: Once upon a shoe
Hair and make up: Julia Popova
Headpieces & earrings:  Thallo
Wedding rings: Poniros Santorini
Fine art details: Mary Gross
Styling goods: Narcissus fine art
Wording/ vows: Hermione Tsentidou