The most beautiful moments in life are those that we always remember with a deep smile and shiver on the skin, those we shared with our loved ones, in magical places, where pictures and videos exist to confirm the truth that our hearts already know!

Such a great moment is your wedding day and you deserve to live it as you dreamed of it: bathed in the sweet light of the Cycladic sun, colored by the flower fields of Greek nature, flavored with thyme, rosemary and lemon, tasted of the honey sweetness and the dew of pomegranate, dressed in the white of the houses of the islands, adorned with all the shades of the sea and the sky of the Aegean!

In short, your wedding in Greece will remain unforgettable, no matter which wedding spot you will choose to be the canvas to be painted! Seek for a wedding planner that will inspire confidence and will understand your own needs, you will have common platforms of expression and aesthetic levels, and of course will listen to you so that your planning is tailored to your needs, your wishes, but also in your own economic context.

We, at Broderie Anglaise, have set our dream reifying bar on top! Based in Athens, we travel with you to every corner of Greece in order to find the one that we will ideally shape to fit your love, but also the emotion and joy of your family and friends! With responsibility and consistency as our leaders and love for each one of our unique wedding projects, we are by your side up to the last detail that you will need, so as to make the first day of your common life uniquely wonderful!