Boudoir session, Athens

Wedding boudoir photoshoot

Bridal boudoir photography has emerged as a significant trend in recent years, drawing future brides who eagerly seek to capture their wedding-ready physique adorned in exquisite lingerie. While traditionally viewed as a sensual gift for the groom, there’s an undeniable element of female empowerment and self-admiration intertwined with this trend. Effie Grigoriou approaches boudoir photography uniquely, crafting images that not only celebrate the female form but also reject objectification. Her work is a testament to empowerment and embracing one’s sexuality on one’s terms. These captivating photos are not just for the viewing pleasure of men; they are a declaration of self-confidence, artistic expression, and a genuine appreciation for our bodies, flaws, and all. Each image portrays a lady who embraces her femininity with pride, embodying the essence of womanhood in its entirety.

In a luxurious suite at Cape Sounio Hotel, the Broderie Anglaise team curated an ethereal and luminous ambiance, inviting even the most hesitant among us to embrace our sensual selves. In this space, every woman has the opportunity to channel her inner sultry siren, transcending inhibitions and basking in her allure.


Event design & Planning: Broderie Anglaise
Photography: Effie Grigoriou
Venue: Cape Sounio: Grecotel Boutique Resort
Bridal dress: Alexia Kirmitsi
MUA: Vassia Papakonstantinou
Videographer: Lulumeli
Consultation: Ellwedmag
Florals: Chloe flowers
Wholesale florist: De klomp flowers
Dinnerware: White lilac art de la table rentals
Wedding stationery: Just invite stationary boutique
Model: Eleni Roussou