An "eye" themed baptism

Ftu, ftu! (this is a Greek expression to forestall the undesirable effects of the evil eye!)

This is what little Christos thought, so he asked from Broderie Anglaise to find for his baptism beautiful ideas for that special day! Many people would be there as his guests, Mum and Dad said.

We followed his wish and created cotton wool pouches with the “blue eye” for the bonbonnieres. For the baptism set we dressed the box and the candle with the same cloth. On the baby underwear we embroidered his name, to be kept by mummy as a memorie!

At the tables, in Varkiza Resort venue, jars and small bottles with gerberas were dressed in the same fabric and poms poms, and, in combination with the bonbonnieres and the balloons, gave a playful and light-hearted style. At the entrance of the venue, the magicians waited for the little guests with a candy box with sweets … The party had just started!!!

Thank you Christos for this beautiful day!